On Wednesday, March 18, Workwell hosted a party to showcase the latest and most innovative height adjustable desk on the market, the Stir Kinetic Desk M1. The M1 is driven by software that not only makes programming and adjusting the height of the work surface extremely simple, it recognizes the user and adapts to their preferences. With nearly 100 in attendance, guests were able to test out three M1 desks and chat with the team from Stir, including CEO, Founder & Designer, JP Labrosse. JP, a former Apple engineer who worked on the early iPod development teams for the iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle Shuffle and iPod Classic, is the leading force behind the creation of the Stir M1. In addition, JP has founded multiple companies, the most recent of which created technology which is now used in the majority of new solar electric capacity being built in the United States.


The highlight of the evening was a talk with JP (pictured above), where he discussed technology, workplace design, and his entrepreneurial spirit. Mentioning that he looks for projects and ideas that make a positive impact, he discussed the inspiration behind creating the M1 desk and what the future holds for workplace design and culture. “There is 30 times more value in the people than in the interior furnishings,” said JP. “Can we come together and bring together devices, the physical space, adaptive software to deliver an even better user experience? And so that ‘s what Stir is about… we really started from that standpoint as a foundation, for this is the place where a billion people in the world spend most of their day so we want to make that the best it can be.”


Many have asked our team, as well as the team at Stir where the value is in this product and technology. JP offered insight on this as well, saying: “Working with folks like the folks in this room as partners, we really have an opportunity to deliver on this user experience of place in a way better way than its been done before. There is new enabling technologies, there’s new mindsets. Customers are more interested in these sorts of topics and they’re interested because there is tremendous value at stake.” It’s this excitement to provide and create more value within the workplace for the user that was felt at the event.