One of the best times of the year for our team is our Annual Company Outing. Each year, we try to plan a fun-filled and memorable day for our employees to spend time together in a casual stress-free setting as a small thank them for all they do throughout the year. This year, we have to really pat ourselves on the back, as we think we’ve outdone ourselves. With the help of the folks at Rock, Paper, Team, our staff embarked on a fast-paced, hysterically funny photo scavenger hunt in the Financial District of Manhattan.

Each team was given a list of tasks to complete and take photos of during the hunt, which started at our office. Everything from the subway ride downtown to the bar challenge was planned perfectly to provide us the opportunity to think outside the box and integrated our company and brand into the search. We were given fun challenges like:  “entire team sing to a stranger on the subway” and “rescue a firefighter from a fire”. One of things we enjoyed the most was the way our company was integrated into some of the challenges, such as “show the team rescuing a team member from the trunk of a cab” – which paid homage to the fact that our company name was thought up in the back of a New York City taxi. Not to be left out was the history and architecture of the Financial District with challenges like “two members reenact their best Titanic pose at the museum dedicated to the ship” and “entire team looking at the oldest skyscraper south of City Hall (Woolworth Building)”.

Team 4 – the winners of the day – were awarded their prize at our team lunch on Stone Street, where we also showed all of the photos from the day’s activities. It was great to see the photos of our team which ranged from serious to seriously hilarious, captured for us all to have for the future. A special thank you to the entire Workwell Partners team for being incredible sports and to Rock, Paper, Team for a wonderfully planned hunt!

Check out some photos from each of the teams below!


Team 1 completes the challenge to reenact “Abbey Road” on a cobblestone street


Team 2 completes the challenge for the entire team to photograph a team trust fall


Team 3 completes the challenge for the entire team to high-five an NYPD officer


Team 4 – the winners of the day – completing the challenge to photograph their best superhero poses


Team 5 completes the challenge to “taunt” the bull!


Team 6 completes the challenge to act out the youngest team member’s favorite sport – cycling!