Bernhardt Design and Bernhardt Textiles recently moved into a 20,000-square-foot space at 136 Madison Avenue and our team was invited over to our new neighbor’s showroom for breakfast and a tour. To say our team was impressed is an understatement.

Established in 1889, Bernhardt Design is among the country’s largest family-owned furniture companies. Their new home on Madison Avenue is just as stunning as their furniture. The crisp white walls and minimalist design only enhanced the beauty of their furniture even more. Our team was able to explore the space as we wished and mingled with the Bernhardt employees. Each area was more beautiful than then next. Senior Sales Coordinator, Tammy, commented that they have an “Amazing showroom, beautiful space and great people to assist with all questions.”

Aside from their beautiful new home and wonderful employees, our team couldn’t stop complimenting their new pieces. Our Team & Design Lead, Sonia, said “Composites case good line is stunning! Limitless configuration possibilities, seamless design and height adjustable surface option.” She also noted that “Designers and AV technicians dream that ALL credenza lines are available with options for pullout AV Racks, cutouts where needed in base and/or back panels PLUS built-in fan for ventilation.”

I think each member of our team sat in almost every chair that was in the showroom. Each one was more comfortable than the next! Sonia noted that “They should’ve called the Catherine chair “The Hug” because that’s what it feels like when you sit in it.” Beauty and comfort – what else could you ask for?

We are very excited to have Bernhardt in the neighborhood and cannot wait to show off their space! Thank you to the whole team for having us. Check out the gallery below for more photos of their amazing space or visit to learn more about their products and offerings.