Another year, another awesome NeoCon Showcase in Chicago. With so many interesting showrooms to stop by, it was a marathon few days for our team exploring new products, discovering prominent trends, and meeting up with industry friends and colleagues. More so than ever, we found that many different manufacturers subscribed to the same trends, or as our own Principal Scott Lesizza puts it: “it’s as if the contract furniture Illuminati got together earlier this year“.

We found several trends thrown to the forefront of the showcase and over the next few days, we will be sharing them with you right here on our blog- complete with photos and our firsthand take on what we thought was most impactful.

So – what trend is up first? Color.

Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone is the standard for color in industries from interior design, fashion, and art. Each year they crown their “Color of the Year” – which elevates this chosen color to what we end up seeing on mannequins, on pillows at West Elm, and for Workwell, what we often see getting specified by designers. This year, Pantone named two colors to this honor- a light, yet saturated pink – Rose Quartz and a deep periwinkle blue – Serenity.

Both of these colors were HOT at NeoCon and found in nearly every showroom we visited. The two most prominent locations for these colors were in Bernhardt Design and Allermuir’s spaces.

Rose Quartz

When it comes to lounge, Rose Quartz offered pops of color in gray spaces as seen in Haworth’s Poppy Chairs and Openest Lounge (below left) and in OFS’ pillows (below right).


Bernhardt Design was a great place to spot the color, found in their “Arcel” Chair, “Zip” on-floor lounge seating, and “Casino” sofa (below, left to right).

pink 2

Allermuir’s space featured the hue in standout seating, including their Famiglia line of coordinating pieces, as seen below.

pink 3


Not to be outdone, Serenity made an appearance in several showrooms, including at Bernhardt Design with their new “Hug” workstation, “Lava” seating, and “Vika” lounge chairs (below, left to right).

blue 1

Allermuir’s showing included their “Famiglia” lounge with wood legs (and rose quartz pillow!), and well as their “Sunda 1” occasional table (below, left to right).

blue 2

Fifty Shades of Blue

Another strong color found at the show was blue. No matter what the shade, it had a prominent place in many manufacturer’s spaces. From Andreu World to West Elm and Haworth to Allermuir, we found the shades of blue as deep as the ocean and as light at the sky.

Andreu World’s “Flex” chairs were featured in a varied, yet coordinating palette, while West Elm Workspace’s featured the hue in it’s “Arc Screen System” and “Mid-Century Upholstered Guest Chair” (below, left to right).



Meanwhile, back at Allermuir, their “Famiglia” chair is featured in navy, while Bernhardt Design’s “Colours” ottomans take a lighter take on this year’s favorite color (below, left and center). One of my personal favorites, it the “Juli 09” chair by Cappellini for Haworth Collection which was upholstered in leather and featured fun varying polka dots (below, right).


We’re excited to see how these colors will continue to trend over the next year and whether we will see them pop up on specifications to come. As for the next trend, we will talk about the “unfinished” details we saw.