Battling Ergonomic Misconceptions – Part 1

Guest Post Written By: Vanessa del Aguila, AEP, Project Manager at Workwell Partners When you think of the word “ergonomics,” what comes to mind? Chairs, health, spine, injury, computer, comfort?—all common responses. To put it simply, ergonomics is the study of fitting the work to the body. The goal is to improve comfort, efficiency, and minimize the risk of injury. Over the course of my career as an ergonomist, I have had to take the time to dispel many common misconceptions regarding ergonomics. Here are a few: Sitting up straight is the best posture Have you ever been told to “sit up straight” by your mother or grandmother? Sure, sitting up straight makes you look more poised than slouching, but maintaining an upright position can and has been linked to lower back discomfort. Gravity naturally pulls your body weight down, subsequently causing the vertebrae to compress the discs in the spine. Sitting up straight is […]