Allermuir and Sentator’s Showroom Tour

Located on Fifth Avenue in the Flatiron District, Allermuir and Sentator’s showroom is a space you will want to live in! This independent, family owned business started in 1976. After over 39 years of service, the Senator Group has grown in to one the largest office furniture manufacturers in the world. Their showroom is a pure extension of the company and the creators behind it. The second you get off the elevator you feel like you are being welcomed into a beautiful apartment. Our Sales Coordinator, Dolores Romero, said “I loved the Silta table and Cardita Chairs (would love to have at home), and the Magritte type lighting they had when you get off the elevator (bowler hats).” Even our rep pointed out to us that when one of our principals visited the space, he made a comment that he needed one of the sofas in his own apartment! The flawless flow of lounge to […]