Building A New “Purch”

This Post Originally Appeared on Office Envy’s Website Rising real estate costs and shrinking workstations have forced several of Workwell Partner’s clients to think outside the cubicle when it comes to laying out their space. In recent months, we’ve seen explosive growth coupled with a lack of inventory, forcing several New York City companies to stay in place and work with what they have. Recently, media company Purch, tapped Workwell to assist in maximizing their space for new employees. As a result of accommodating new seats and a maxed-out floor plan, Purch soon recognized that they needed to reintroduce a collaborative lounge space for their team.  While in a brainstorming session with the client, it was clear that we didn’t have much room to work with in the workstation areas. However, there was a lot of potential in the reception area. Purch loved the idea of turning the empty reception into a bustling lounge for their […]