Office of the Future… How About the Office of the Present?

 Guest Post, Written By: Scott Lesizza, Principal at Workwell Partners I have spent the past six months attending seminars, reading articles, and listening to just about everyone share an opinion on what the office of the future will look like. It seems that almost everyone that you speak to has an opinion on what offices will look like 10 years out. I’ve heard everything from finding ways for people to work in outdoors spaces or bringing the outdoors “indoors”, to creating spaces that are a home away from home – all great concepts. But what about those folks we call “clients”? You know, the ones whose leases are up and need to move within the next 6 to 12 months and are looking to create a space now that does not become obsolete in five years? The ones who understand that it might be cool to go and work from a hammock in ten years […]