How I Am Merging Fitness and A Standing Height Desk

When I first started at Workwell Partners in early 2014, I began hearing a lot of “buzzwords” for the trends and products in the commercial furniture industry. Some of these have been featured on this blog in the past few months, including “activity based working“, “collaboration”, and “benching“. But none have hit as close to me personally as the concept of height-adjustable workstations, one of the most widely discussed product categories and concepts in the industry now. Workwell’s offices feature a variety of workstations – from private offices to more open panel based systems and benching applications. My designated work area is located on a bench, where I sit with 7 other individuals at standard sized 30″ x 60” workstations. While I love sitting with my coworkers and find it vital to our work as a team, I often grab my laptop and go work at a standalone height-adjustable desk we have in our showroom. While I’ve been using the Stir […]