Ergonomics on a Smaller Scale

As wellness trends are in full swing for the New Year, I was thinking about the training at the Haworth Headquarters about wellness and ergonomics a few months back. This is something that is becoming the norm when designing and furnishing an office, especially sit to stand benching. But one thing that I was curious about is ergonomics in the classroom. Is this something that is taken into account when designing or refurbishing a classroom? Just like offices, classrooms should be adjusting to the same trends. When thinking of ergonomics in relation to children or teenagers, it’s slightly different than ergonomics in the workplace. You can still evaluate all the different aspects that are listed in my previous post about ergonomics, which can be found here, to determine how and if ergonomics is even being taken into account. The main difference of ergonomics in an office versus classroom is the people who occupy it, more specifically their […]