Trends Pushing the Architectural Millwork Industry to Innovate

 Guest Post Written By: Joe Patrovich, Director of Pre-Construction and Engineering at Modworxx. Expectations are understandably high when it comes to custom-engineered and -produced products. Architectural millwork, used for improved aesthetics and functionality for the end product, has always been fabricated to meet the specifications for a particular building project. That said, to differentiate itself from stock millwork, the industry must continuously evolve as design trends change and new technology or materials become available. Commercial environments in particular are seeking the creation of innovative millwork features, including cabinetry, shelving, storage, reception desks, lounge or collaboration seating areas, feature walls and more. First, the most creative architectural millwork solutions are incorporating technology in unexpected places. For example, we’re working on a project for a large financial firm that wants to track how much foot traffic the pantry gets. We’ve engineered a ceiling with undulating, wave-like walnut slats with hidden occupancy sensors. Our client will be able to […]