Furniture for the C-Suite

Furniture selection requirements can vary greatly depending on application. When it comes to an open floor plan where associates are looking to collaborate, benching and open lounge areas are most common. On the opposite side of the spectrum, when considering what should be selected and installed on the C-Level Suite, there are a lot of options that can help elevate the aesthetic and express creativity through furniture. C-Level Executives often have passionate and determined views on what the spaces they are in most frequently should look like. When choosing furniture for these executives, several factors such as budget and quality¬†should be considered to help promote a great look and environment, while being special for these decision makers. Below are some of the most important pieces for the C-Suite, including some of the favorite products and lines we often see interest in. Executive Desks Paoli “Fuse” – An updated version of a classic executive desk, Fuse […]