Know Your Plan. Build Your Brand.

 Guest Post: Written By Brittany G. Greer, Team Leader at Workwell Partners I always say that if I could have any job in the world it would be “professional student.” As nerdy as it sounds, I’ve always loved learning. Throughout my college years, a great philosophy lecture or a passionate debate on ethics would send an electrifying jolt of creativity through me – I warned you I was nerdy!  That being said, I didn’t mind spending last Sunday at Haworth’s pre NeoCon Dealer Day learning about a topic that I find not only compelling, but extremely relevant: branding. William Arruda’s talk on branding reinforced a principle that I’ve been living by, well before my professional career began: never underestimate the power of your brand. Arruda’s book “Ditch Dare Do,” focuses specifically on personal branding for executives. Since, I’m not an executive (yet), I thought I’d put my own spin on some of his key points […]