What Animal Corresponds To Your Sales Personality?

I recently asked a few people from our¬†sales team a series of questions – both serious and lighthearted – about being in sales. One of the more casual and playful questions posed to the team challenged them to think about which animal most closely relates to them as sales people. This question is one that many people have come across in the interview process, as well as reading in various leadership articles. So what were their responses? Check out what they said below, contrasting to other popular answers. Lion Chameleon Rabbit Lion Jaguar I wasn’t surprised with the two lion responses – I think that responses including different types of felines are sometimes the most commonly found. Felines are often graceful and calculated – two things that sales people should consider strengths when carrying themselves and chasing business. One of the the greatest strength of lions is their ability to travel, hunt, and remain in […]