Activity Based Working

(As Published in The Monday Morning Quarterback, November 11, 2014): Activity Based Working (ABW), or the model that strays from the common office layout of cubicles, private offices and conference rooms to a space where employees utilize multiple areas around the office dependent on their varied task at hand, is a topic that isn’t new – but is gaining speed worldwide. This trend has seen the implementation of benching and desking systems in offices as the main location for workers, with function-specific spaces located throughout the space. Locations like focus rooms for less formal meetings, huddle rooms for creative sessions, high-impact lounge areas for impromptu collaboration, and town centers for social “water-cooler”  interactions are commonly found in ABW implemented spaces.  A Haworth whitepaper cites a shift from individual to group work from 90 to 10% respectively to 50-50% or even 40-60% – creating a greater need to accommodate for areas in the office to support […]