2017 Workplace Design Trends

 Guest Post Written By: Scott Lesizza, Principal at Workwell Partners We’re going to see a significant shift away from wide open floor plans to open “areas” separated by groups or departments. There are ways by which a space can be designed to be open, but at the same time not look like the world’s largest trading floor. You can have open plan “clusters” of 40-50 people within a space, as opposed to hyper densification of 300-400 in one area. The ideas is that you walk into a space, and in place of a sea of sit-stand desk, you walk up a central staircase to a floor that has 4-5 areas separated by line of sight that house separate departments. When walking the space, it’s almost as if you are discovering hidden areas. The key to this type of space is that the feel is still very open, without the distractions associated with densifying a space […]