As awareness of health concerns related to a sedentary position during the day becomes more apparent for those who are working in traditional office environments, furniture manufacturers are creating solutions to improve worker health. However, one company in particular has revolutionized the world of height-adjustable desks in ways we’ve never seen before. Stir, creators of the Stir Kinetic Desk, have created one of the most innovative products to hit the commercial furniture industry in years. With the launch of the Stir Kinetic Desk M1, offices can utilize the smart technology in each desk to enhance focus and improve the health of their associates.

What makes the M1 special compared to other height-adjustable desks on the market? There’s a word I like to use to describe why it’s unique: it’s “intuitive”. The desk is driven by software that not only makes programming and adjusting the height of the work surface extremely simple, it recognizes the user and adapts to their preferences. This smart, intuitive technology allows for multiple users to set up profiles for the desk based on their height and track their progress towards achieving their standing goals. The M1 is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled to connect with fitness trackers such as FitBit, allowing for users to work toward their personal fitness targets. When users set standing goals, the M1’s Whisperbreath TM technology changes the height of the work surface by gently rising and falling by 1-inch, providing the user with a reminder to change positions throughout the day, without interrupting their workflow.

For a product segment like height adjustable desks that has shifted and changed dramatically over the past 20 years, the M1 is a welcome advancement in the industry. Stir Founder and CEO JP Labrosse led the engineering development teams for two of the early iPod programs at Apple, and also co-founded RayTracker, a solar tracking company. A background so rich in successful leadership and innovation, coupled with a team of industrial designers and software engineers, Stir is a testament of what exceptional design and technology can do to improve the workplace.

Even better, the installation and setup for the M1 are simple and streamlined. The desk itself takes less than 15 minutes to assemble, with only eight bolts to attach the preassembled legs to the work surface. Once the desk is assembled and plugged into an electric source, the user setup wizard for the software and electronics takes less than four minutes to complete using the 5” LCD Touchscreen. The removable electronics are designed to allow for upgrades in the field, making the investment well worth it for years to come. The design of the M1 features a slightly curved work surface, allowing for organic comfort for the user while in seated and standing positions. For large scale installations, the M1 is available in a rectangular shape in three sizes with a variety of edge options, and can be manufactured with nearly any work surface, finish or customer originated material.

In our own showroom, our Stir Kinetic Desk is not only a prototype to share with clients visiting our space; it’s been a popular destination for our team to touchdown and work with health in mind. Because the desk allows for multiple user profiles, our team easily transitions into using the table based on their preset settings. The ability for members of our team to simply walk up to the desk and have their user profiles ready to go means that their health and productivity can continue to improve throughout the day. “People do so much work in static environments, with fixed desk heights and sedentary positions, but our bodies crave movement and change so that oxygen can freely pass through the body,” says Workwell Ergonomist and Project Manager, Vanessa del Aguila. “The M1 enables the body to recover from fatigue by helping to vary posture, which can help promote increased productivity.”

Workwell Partners is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the Stir Kinetic Desk M1 in New York City.