Wolf Gordon Headquarters

New York, NY

Workwell Partners recently furnished the 8,300 square foot Chelsea Headquarters of famed commercial fabrics, finishes, and upholstery company Wolf Gordon. Celebrating their 50th year, it was Wolf Gordon’s goal to showcase the versatility of their high-design, unique, and beautiful fabrics on a variety of furniture products.  From the bright blue fabrics found on the Haworth Zody Chairs to the cool neutrals and grays found on the Openest line of Haworth lounge pieces, their products are worth celebrating.

Select Products Featured:

  • Haworth Intuity Workstations
  • Haworth Compose Workstations
  • Haworth X Series Storage
  • Haworth Zody Task Chairs
  • Haworth Very Side Chairs + Wire Stackers
  • Haworth Openest Lounge Seating – Chick Poufs + Feather Sofas
  • Bernhardt Parallax Conference Tables

Photo Credit: © Carlo David