Yesterday, our team participated in a presentation from Horm Design, a designer and manufacturer of furniture for the workplace and home. The company, founded in 1989, is based out of Italy and ships to 70 countries worldwide. While listening to the presentation and viewing the designs of some of their key pieces, our team quickly realized the company’s passion for exclusive, elegant, and playful designs. Below is some information on a few of our team’s favorite pieces – many of which are versatile and unique to our market.

Ripples Bench

The Ripples Bench was designed by Toyo Ito in 2003 and is constructed of a laminated composite of five layers of different solid woods, including walnut, mahogany, cherry, oak, and ash. Each wood varies in color and is placed to imitate the rippling of rain drops in a body of water. The bench is handcrafted and is available in the bench seen below, as well as stools, outdoor benches, and tables.

ripples bench


The Leon is a classic, yet playful storage credenza that features a different design perspective depending on your viewpoint. The front of the credenza features a triangular design which has two different finishes – one on all left-facing sides and one on all right-facing sides. This provides the illusion that the credenza is a different color from each way you view it. With a variety of finishes and colors available, the options are endless.



Tha Solaio wood-only bookcase is a beautifully simple storage and division solution. Designed by Carlo Cumini in 2004, Solaio’s MDF shelves and panel struts are constructed from beech and provide an open, modular design without being cumbersome and bulky.



Designed in 2002, Astor is the epitome of flexibility and adaptability in furniture. The table utilizes a telescopic extension system which allows the table to expand. When Astor is in the “closed” position, the wooden slats on the table top are scattered through thin aluminium inserts. As you pull the table, much like an accordion, the wooden slats become evenly spaced, showcasing the aluminium dies which are otherwise hidden in the original position.