Yesterday, our team was treated to lunch and met the lovely ladies from Poppin! From design to delivery, this company seems to be on to something. To quote their presentation, they are “simply different.”

Based in NYC (and quickly expanding!), Poppin is a one-stop shop from your desk accessories to your actual desk and chair. Their bright colors and customizable options are designed to help make you more productive, inspired, but most importantly work happy.  Poppin dove into some of their most popular products for us which included: their Stow File Cabinet, Series A Ping-Pong Conference Table, and Block Party Configuration sofa and chairs. All of which are very easily modified to fit the space that they are in and the people they are servicing.

IMG_9019 IMG_9020

Aside from their products, Poppin prides themselves on their smart engineering, easy ordering, unrivaled pricing, affordable installation, fast shipping, and certified quality. They make is very easy for you from the minute you order to the delivery and installation of your products. Who doesn’t love that?

After hearing about their different options, we were able to test out some of the products they brought in. We saw a variety of their different products such as their pitch rolling chair to their dream desk set up. These brightly colored products were so fun and easy for team to visualize in certain spaces that a few of us could even picture the products in our own homes!


Poppin definitely works happy and with our new Workwell Green swag, we will too! Thanks again, Poppin! Check out our Facebook page to see some photos from yesterday.  #workhappy