Scott Lesizza Guest Post Written By: Scott Lesizza, Principal at Workwell Partners

Because it’s what I do for a living, most of my posts revolve around making the workplace a better place to spend your time. What’s often neglected is the importance of ENJOYING the camaraderie of your team members. It means getting to know their life’s ambitions, their hopes and dreams, how their kid played in last Friday’s football game, sharing in the joy of their new daughter, and understanding the “whys” about why they had a bad day at the office.

What really makes people loyal to an organization is rarely how “cool” their new 5-foot-wide bench is (we do our best but understand it’s not that cool), or how amazing their cafeteria is. It’s about getting to know and care for those that we spend most of our time with. So at the end of the day, all that we do (and I mean all in our trade), is try to help our clients create a space that cultivates those relationships, because that’s what’s going to keep us working longer hours, lift each other up when we need a hand, take that criticism from a client to heart, and ultimately, produce a better product.

If we keep this end goal in mind when listening to our clients, and try our best to understand what makes their people loyal, then the rest is just execution (and some TLC). If we were just providing a commodity to clients this job would provide zero inspiration to most of us. Getting out of bed at 6am when it’s cold and rainy requires a greater ambition. An ambition to change things for the better. It makes us proud that there are those out there (our amazing clients) that entrust us with advising on how to make their workplaces more hospitable. These are the same workspaces that foster interaction amongst bright minds. Places that foster loyalty, common goals, and friendships that lead to great ideas and ultimately great products. If we can do this by offering up some solid furniture recommendations, we’ve done our jobs.

None of us are a commodity and we should never allow ourselves be tagged as such. Most people aren’t staying or even joining an organization because of a paycheck. It doesn’t hurt to have a great space where camaraderie flourishes and friendships blossom. If we can be just a small part of making that happen, that’s enough for me.