It’s undeniable that over the past few years, workstations have dramatically evolved and changed in the furniture world. Whether it was the move towards smaller “bench” stations or the introduction and later explosion of height adjustable desks, the way that the commercial interiors industry has approached the way we work. At this year’s NeoCon Showcase, this idea of the ever-changing workstation was as present as ever.

Standing Height Surfaces

It’s no secret that height adjustable desks have been having a “moment” for the past few years. That in itself wasn’t necessarily a trend this year, but rather the prominence of fixed worksurfaces that were at standing height. These standing height stations allow people to perch while working, and offer a way for users to change their postures. Haworth had several great examples of this throughout their space – from their “Immerse” standing height conference table (below left) to their new “Sidecar” standing height workstation (below center), both pictured with the Cappellini Hi Pad Stool. The “Sidecar” features the unique ability to slide the worksurface itself to uncover various storage compartments to enhance a streamlined and simple workstation. In another configuration, Haworth paired this same product with a fixed seated height surface to allow the user to switch back and forth throughout the day.

Haworth Standing

As so many organizations move to create alternative spaces for their teams to work, gather, and collaborate – they are also making these options at fixed, standing heights. Tuohy’s stunning “Tryg” Conference Table takes the trend to a new, stylish level (below left), while Paoli’s “Tribe” incorporated a standing height surface behind comfortable lounge seating for multi-functional use.

standing 2

120 Degree Desks

As our Principal Scott Lesizza mentioned in a recent post, many manufacturers are deviating from the norm of a straight, linear aesthetic to more curved pieces. This was seen not only in curved lounge settings, but also in curved workstation desks. In AIS’ brightly decorated space, we found 120 degree desks in both height adjustable configurations with their Aloft 120 (below left) and fixed stations like their Oxygen 120 (below right).

120 1

Over at Haworth, their version of “120” took an approach that included open shelving as part of the configuration (below left), while OFS’ was a unique height adjustable option on movable casters to allow for additional flexibility (below right).

120 2

Storage Pedestal Upgrades

Pedestals are a tried and true part of many workstations nowadays. Whether the user is filing important files needed for quick accessibility or storing personal items such as shoes and briefcases, the ability to keep your items close to you while you work is extremely important. In the past, where we’ve seen a lot of manufacturers create pedestals that have cushions on top to accommodate for visitor seating, they are starting to take a new spin on it. In several showrooms, we saw the replacement of the cushion with additional storage functionality to really boost the effectiveness of these pieces. In Haworth’s Showroom, their standard X Series storage got a fresh update in design with additional functionality, including a storage tray atop the pedestal and a side hook to hang handbags and briefcases (below).


Over at OFS’ space, their Aptos Pedestal featured on-top storage, as well as space for hanging files and a sliding drawer for additional storage. With this piece, users can keep their worksurface clean of of pencils, notepads and other needed accessories – while also keeping them at a handy distance. (below).

Ped 1

These great options to elevate any workspace were our outstanding trends for this year’s NeoCon showcase. We’re already looking forward to what 2017 has in store for trends in the future and interiors industries!