So What Is Benching?

With the trend of Activity Based Workplaces emerging in more organizations, there is an increased need for furniture that can adapt to collaboration and team work. To achieve this, associate workstations are being placed on benching systems that take up less real estate. Benching, which typically includes long runs of desk systems without high panels or division, holds many benefits for companies small to large. Besides promoting a higher level of collaboration, this setup can also accommodate more workers, which helps to decrease real estate costs lower per sqaure foot. There is an increased ability for function and flexbility, as many of these configurations are modular and can be easily moved or customized to meet the needs of the individual users.

Benching is not a new concept to the modern workplace, but rather an idea that has been trending over the last decade. By the time many American companies found this on their radar in the late 2000’s, Europe and other parts of the world had already adopted these floorplans years before. But what was the tipping point for companies like those we deal with here at Workwell in the New York City Metropolitan Area? Many times, it’s the cost savings for both the furniture itself, as well as the real estate it takes up. By allowing for more workers to fit in a configuration, companies can save precious dollars in a market whose high real estate costs are notoriously known around the world.

Great Benching Products

With many manufacturers having jumped on board to offer benching products, there are many competitive, quality products that fit the needs and budgets of any company. Here are some of our favorites:

Haworth’s “Intuity”

With a foundation in European design and use, Intuity was introduced to the North American market at the 2014 NeoCon Showcase in Chicago. It brings the uttmost of simplicity to the modern benching system, while allowing for flexibility and customization as organizational needs to change. The utility tray in the spine of Intuity can be customized through the use of drop-in accessories, as well as easily accessible power modules to enhance functionality for the user.


AIS’ “Oxygen”

Through simple lines and details to enhance form and function, Oxygen is a stunning solution for a benching system. Due to it’s straight-forward construction, specification and installation are made much easier. Oxygen’s built-in rail system provides additional opportunities to customize the product through the usage of screens, monitor arms, and other accessories.


Global Total Office’s “Bridges II”

Created to encourage the interaction between teams, Bridges II is the newest benching system from Global Total Office. With options such as end tables, shared and personal shelving, and height adjustable rounded legs, there are a myriad of possibilities to tailor the system to your space.


Compel’s “z Desk”

Not only is Compel’s line a great solution for the modern office, it’s InStock and will typically ship within 48 hours of the order placement. z Desk can be matched to conference tables or integrated with other systems to provide a consistent aesthetic, and can even be easily expanded as the needs of an office change.


With a knowledge of the best layouts, storage options, and technology and data components, our team has experience in all of these products. Even further, solutions can include height adjustable desks or future planning as requirements change or grow with an organization for years to come.