When I first started at Workwell Partners in early 2014, I began hearing a lot of “buzzwords” for the trends and products in the commercial furniture industry. Some of these have been featured on this blog in the past few months, including “activity based working“, “collaboration”, and “benching“. But none have hit as close to me personally as the concept of height-adjustable workstations, one of the most widely discussed product categories and concepts in the industry now.

Workwell’s offices feature a variety of workstations – from private offices to more open panel based systems and benching applications. My designated work area is located on a bench, where I sit with 7 other individuals at standard sized 30″ x 60” workstations. While I love sitting with my coworkers and find it vital to our work as a team, I often grab my laptop and go work at a standalone height-adjustable desk we have in our showroom. While I’ve been using the Stir Kinetic Desk M1 since it’s debut in January 2015, I only recently began to fully utilize it’s technology. For months I had been using the M1’s built-in touchscreen and software to track my preferences, goals, and statistics for standing and sitting throughout the day. This in itself was a key part to why I used the desk, but the full integration that I’ve only recently experienced while using the desk along with my synced FitBit, has brought my excitement to use the desk to an all-time high.

I am probably considered a late adopter to using a fitness tracker, as I’ve only been wearing it for 5 days. However, I am addicted (yes, addicted) to the fact that while I stand and work on my daily tasks, I am also working towards achieving my daily fitness goals. Yesterday alone, I spent 3.6 hours (218.1 minutes) using the M1 and burned 402 calories during that time – which was all tracked through my FitBit, appearing on the dashboard of my FitBit app on my phone. This may seem like a minor amount of calories burned or fitness cardio to some, but I found this to be an exciting part of linking the two technologies together. The more calories burned that I racked up during the day, the more I wanted to stand at the desk.

For me, fitness is the icing on the cake of the benefits I’ve found from using the standing height desk. Whenever I feel like I need to focus on a task or that my energy levels are dwindling after yet another cup of coffee, I can pop over to the M1 and refocus. Here at Workwell, I’m not alone in this desire to change postures throughout the day. 6 out of 38 (16%) of our team have sit to stand technologies at their dedicated workstation: 3 have retrofitted existing panel-based workstations with Humanscale’s Quickstand product; 2 currently sit at Haworth Planes height-adjustable desks; and one of our principals has the Stir Kinetic Desk M1 in his office.

I wrote this post while standing, and burned roughly 97 calories while I was at it. I’m excited to continue to achieve my fitness goals while working throughout the day – an addiction that doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon!