After reading about our Director of Strategic Planning’s post about the Haworth Marketing summit (which can be read here) and seeing the branding in the space of one of our most recent projects, I began thinking a lot about branding in a space and how experiential marketing is truly one of the most important forms of marketing, especially in the commercial interiors industry.

In this post I will specifically focus on experiential marketing within our industry in terms of products and services. According to HubSpot, experiential marketing is “a type of strategy that engages an audience with a real-life invitation to engage with — or experience — a brand and what it makes or represents. It’s participatory, hands-on, and tangible.” There are some key questions you should be asking when looking at how people view and interact with your space:

  • Does your space reflect the type of work you do and your overall brand?
  • Can people experience or learn about your company through your space? How?
  • Is your product or service showcased at all?
  • How can you reflect your company in your space?
  • Does the space allow your clients and guests to have the experience you intend?

Working in the commercial interiors industry, experiential marketing is beyond important. Whether you are a manufacturer, dealer, or architect, our offices and showrooms are a true reflection and extension of what we do. When you host a client in your space, you want them to be “wow’ed” before you even meet. There is a reason why people say first impressions go a long way. Looking beyond just the client and guest approval, you want your employees to experience the office and be surrounded by the products they are working with everyday. Why would you want to sell or provide something that you don’t enjoy as well?

As a dealer, we represent a variety of manufacturers and work with everyone from the architect to the general contractor to the client. It is important that our space shows off our work and there is something that speaks to everyone that walks through our door. Whether it is the newest products or the most creative variety of collaboration areas, seeing and experiencing in our field goes a long way.

Having a variety of products in our space and acting as an extension of our manufacturers can be challenging. What it comes down to is the way we pair all the different lines together and how we build out the space. It also shows to our clients that if we have it or did it in our office, that they can trust that it is good enough for them to put into their space.

There are many factors that go into experiential marketing, but it boils down to one thing – how people experience your space. Are your guests and employees experiencing what you intended the space to do?

Be on the lookout for a follow up post about how companies brand their space and make sure that their guests experience their brand through their office’s design – especially our project, InMocean!