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Rising real estate costs and shrinking workstations have forced several of Workwell Partner’s clients to think outside the cubicle when it comes to laying out their space. In recent months, we’ve seen explosive growth coupled with a lack of inventory, forcing several New York City companies to stay in place and work with what they have.

Recently, media company Purch, tapped Workwell to assist in maximizing their space for new employees. As a result of accommodating new seats and a maxed-out floor plan, Purch soon recognized that they needed to reintroduce a collaborative lounge space for their team.  While in a brainstorming session with the client, it was clear that we didn’t have much room to work with in the workstation areas. However, there was a lot of potential in the reception area.

3_Workwell Partners_Purch_Photo Courtesy of Peter Dressel

Purch loved the idea of turning the empty reception into a bustling lounge for their team, so we went to work on furniture solutions. Our main goal was to transform the underutilized reception area into a high energy space where the enthusiasm of the office could be shared by the Purch team and their guests.

1_Workwell Partners_Purch_Photo Courtesy of Peter Dressel

The first step was to remove the enormous reception desk and replace it with a sleek, fresh design from Alea.  By replacing the existing reception desk, we were able to free up a lot of space, while still giving Purch’s office manager plenty of room to greet guests. N ext, we had to come up with a solution for accommodating Purch’s team lunches. Utilizing Haworth, we designed a counter height table that would be used for serving lunches, as well as touchdown spaces throughout the day. Additionally, we dropped in individual high top tables, accompanied by Haworth’s Very Side Stools to give team members plenty of seating options. To add a pop of color and comfort to the space, we suggested Allermuir’s Haven Bench and a few Buzzicubes from BuzziSpace. Without any construction, Workwell’s design team was able to transform Purch’s reception into an energetic lounge by simply refreshing the furniture.

4_Workwell Partners_Purch_Photo Courtesy of Peter Dressel

Tapping into our creativity, we were able to help Purch shift their reception area from being a gate between the office and their guests to a lively center of social interaction and collaboration. Through evaluation of a company’s goals and utilization of flexible furniture options, businesses can create multi-functional work environments – just like Purch was able to achieve!

Photography: Peter Dressel


The above post was provided by Brittany Greer, Team Leader at Workwell Partners
Having worked in wide range of industries – from real estate to fashion—Brittany brings a unique outlook to her position at Workwell Partners. With the help of her Communication Degree, Brittany has the ability to smoothly navigate clients through the entire process of furniture specification through installation. A keen eye for details and the knack for spotting obstacles well in advance, have also served Brittany well throughout her career with Workwell. In addition, Brittany brings genuine enthusiasm to every project she works on. Brittany graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pace University with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. In her spare time, she enjoys playing volleyball, softball, and writing.

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