Guest Post: Is There A Space That Is Too Google?

 Guest Post: Written By Scott Lesizza, Co-Founder & Principal at Workwell Partners In my line of work, I hear so many people say: “We want our space to be like Google”.  I think to myself: “What the hell does ‘I want my space to be like Google’ actually mean?” Don’t get me wrong – Google’s spaces are amazing, but they are THEIR spaces. Their offices have become as important to their brand as their products. When someone talks about Google, the cool factor of their spaces and amenities come to mind right along with the Google search engine, Droid phone, and Google Maps. Based on these observations, I believe when people say “I want my space to look like Google,” what they actually mean is: “I’m not quite sure what I want my space to look like, but when people talk about us, I want them to think about our space right along with our products […]