Guest Post: Finding “Value” In Design

 Written by Kinya Kasai, Designer at Workwell Partners A friend asked me, from a design aspect, what makes people walk by a space and want to walk in and explore? Though it took me a while to gather my thoughts, here’s how I replied: “It depends. But before I answer your question, let me ask you: When was the last time you entered a space by curiosity? Why did you go in? Did the space have anything to offer? From my experience, a person enters a space because it has something they want. This “Value” could be goods to buy, things to try, or even places to explore. If the goal is to attract people to come in, the space needs to offer something the user wants. Once this “Value” is grasped, the design will form from it, almost like advertising it.” As I answered him, I realized that my daily challenge at Workwell Partners […]