Neocon, Neocon, Neocon…. How we love thee!

This year’s showcase did not disappoint and we are sad to have seen it fly by so fast. As always, we had our eyes peeled for the latest trends in furniture and found three prominent commonalities throughout the show.

Colors + Finishes

For the past view years, we’ve been noticing that blue and pink keep popping up throughout the showrooms and from rich navy to dusty rose, this year was no exception. Cool neutrals ruled many of the showrooms, seen in the workstations at HBF (1) to seating at Andreu World (2). OFS Brands (3) and Group Lacasse (4) had some more of our favorites in this “cool trend”.

It was also hard not to notice the warm wood tone finishes – found nearly everywhere from Haworth’s benching (1) to Allermuir’s new lines of credenzas (2, 3). We loved seeing how even the lightest of wood finish whether real or veneer, could transform the simplest bench into a cozy, inviting place to get your work done.

Design and fashion often go hand in hand, and in the case of gold and rose gold, we couldn’t agree more. Gold and rose gold colored accessories seemed to be everywhere and it was a welcome addition to what are traditionally simple decorations in the space. West Elm Workspace’s gold side tables were the first thing we noticed when we walked into the showroom (1). HBF’s Beetle Chair also featured stunning gold legs, setting it apart from standard seating finishes (2). Not to be outdone, rose gold had it’s moment, seen throughout Allermuir’s space on the zippers of their new pillow line (3). Golds weren’t just for furniture and accessories – we loved Alur’s wall system with gold tinted glass (4), as well as BuzziSpace’s gold colored acoustical lighting accessories (5).


This year, it was all about the curves. Rounded edges were found in tables in nearly every showroom, and it seemed that most manufacturers had their own take on a curved lounge. Haworth’s Riverbend lounge is a fun new lounge system that be orders and configured in endless shapes – both curved and straight (1), while Bernhardt, Global and Paoli each had their own versions (2,3,4). When it came to the curved edges on tables and workstations, we found them on work surfaces, glass partitions, and screens. OFS Brands’ benching seemed to showcase this trend the best (5), with West Elm Workspaces also showing off the rounded screens and edges on their bench (6). We loved seeing so many different ways to “curve” outside the box!


It’s been no secret that for the past few years, workstations have been getting smaller and smaller. If Neocon is any indicator of trend, it appears that the affinity for a smaller workstation may be a thing of the past. This year it was less about benching and more about how storage and function can maximize the good ‘ol workstation. Haworth, AIS and OFS Brands all had their take on unique storage filled workstations, which deviated from the normal bench (1,2,3).

In addition, we found that when we did see what we’ve come to know and love as a bench, it was slightly tweaked. Many of the benches had two different configurations on each side of the spine. In Global’s showroom, their bench featured this trend, as well as the ever-present height adjustable surface (1). Group Lacasse’s version integrated lounge option, perfect for a change of posture or quick collaborative meeting (2,3).

This was also the year of the tipping point for height adjustable workstations in private office configurations. Our favorite was the simple, yet high design configuration at Halcon – it was certainly a sleek standout! (1) From the varied options at Nucraft (2,3) to Haworth’s (4) colorful take, the main floor is no longer the only place for the adjustable workstation. We found that Tuohy (5) and OFS Brands (6) also had great options for the adjustable private office configuration.


While we found a ton of other product trends (tech! private collaboration areas! power everywhere!), we know these are just finding their stride.

What was your standout Neocon trend for 2017?