Furniture is a product. What you sit on and work at, is an installation.

You derive no satisfaction from your purchase until it is properly installed.

Workwell guarantees quality installations.

Project Management

Our customer will leave their office knowing they are in good and capable hands. At the end of the day, it is our job to manage risk and be proactive about identifying any potential obstacles on a project. We consider ourselves advocates for our clients from the beginning of a project, up to installation, and beyond.Our Project Management Teams are the reason we achieve success on projects, driving the process along and managing the day to day details. Users receive detailed status updates throughout the duration of the work to ensure accountability and accessibility.Project Management Services Include:

  • Schedule Management
  • Construction Trade Coordination
  • Trucking, Delivery, and Installation
  • Day Two Servicing


With many projects featuring a variety of manufacturers, finishes and fabrics, there are often dozens of vendors included during a project lifecycle. Having all of these moving parts can be a complicated process to manage, but our team takes the time to establish and coordinate with the vendor teams. Whether it’s working on terms, product selection, and obtaining detailed contracts and warranty agreements, we handle it to make the rest of the project more seamless for the user.Procurement Services Include:

  • Warranty Product Order Tracking


Often considered the heart of our process, our design services are vast and varied. With a combined average of over 10 years of experience, our designers work on everything from elevation drawings to space planning floor plates. If there is ever a question if “something will work”, our designers are the resources who will explore feasibility to help provide what will be best logistically.With ancillary furniture packages becoming more important and complicated as ever, our design team can specify product packages utilizing their vast knowledge of hundreds of manufacturer options. We work in tandem with architecture and design firms to help bring the client vision to life in a timely and streamlined manner.Design Services Include:

  • Drawings
  • Space Planning
  • 3D Rendering + Flyby Animations
  • Specials + Custom Solutions
  • Ancillary Package Specification

Workplace Consulting

Choosing a furniture partner is much more than selecting cubicles from a showroom. The creative utilization of office furniture is used to promote cultural change within an organization, to attract and retain employees, to reflect a brand, and ultimately to create a fun place that people enjoy spending their time. Many of the world’s most innovative organizations have chosen Workwell for our knowledge of work environments and how furniture can be utilized to create a more efficient space.Our designers go above and beyond standard design scope to be resources to the user in a variety of ways. They consult directly with client teams to ensure their space is planned to meet their goals and utilize the latest ergonomic, wellness, and efficiency tools. They use the latest data and analytics, along with their knowledge of current trends, to make a clients space win for their team.Workplace Consulting Services Include:

  • Change Management Consulting
  • Efficiency Optimization
  • Ergonomic Assessments
  • Work Style and Activity Based Design Assessments