Workwell Partners is one of the leading providers of workplace, educational, and healthcare furniture solutions in the Northeast. Many of the world’s most innovative organizations have chosen Workwell for our knowledge of work environments and how furniture can be utilized to create a more efficient space. We are known for our incredibly passionate and energetic staff, representing all sectors of our industry. Everyone at Workwell takes pride in delivering an amazing customer experience, and cares about the outcome of your project.

Workwell Partners was founded in 2002 by Scott Lesizza, Jason Lesizza, and Jonathan Kessler. The three partners met while working for a leading furniture manufacturer. During their eight-year tenure, they were able to gain an inside perspective on dealer/client relationships and saw firsthand the lack of quality service that clients received from dealers.

Workwell Partners was started with the philosophy of providing clients with better service, more valuable product knowledge, and improved response time. It was a combination of those values, along with innovative entrepreneurial clients, that grew the company to the industry leader that it is today. Workwell continues to be one of the faster growing dealerships in the country with a team of young, diverse, and detail-oriented client advocates. Workwell is differentiated from other dealers by understanding that a furniture decision is very often more than just an expense. Where some see a cluster of cubicles, Workwell envisions an area that fosters collaboration amongst employees and allows for a more efficient workflow. We provide an aesthetically appealing furniture package that can be used to attract and retain employees as well as provide a fresh solution to clients.

What We Do