As a company that monitors workplace trends, we aim to provide the best products to the tailored needs of our clients. Whether they are end users, architects, designers or project managers, these clients often ask us: what can we do to help increase staff and office productivity in the space? We’ve gathered 4 of our secret weapons that we use in our own office to help with productivity – and hope that they spark some inspiration for you and your team!

workware By Haworth


Created to increase connectivity and collaboration in the office, workware is a family of products that help users share what their projects on a screen for others to view – with the ability to view up to four user screens at once. workware allows users to connect wirelessly through the product’s easy to use system, or through HDMI wire connections. The best thing about workware is it’s capability to have think tanks or collaboration sessions that are uninterrupted by switching user profiles and computers. In our office, we have workware installed in three areas: in our library, in our conference room, and on a mobile workware easel.  We utilized this technology as recent as Tuesday for an internal marketing meeting, when we used the workware easel to showcase our presentation in an area of the office that can fit our entire staff.

Divyde Charging Station By Slyde Charging Solutions


With many of our associates sitting on benching systems in our office, it is a goal of ours to make the most out of the small real estate given to each individual. The Divyde Charging Station does triple duty for us in this respect. First, it provides territory for each user, making sure that everybody understands where their space begins and ends. In addition, the Divyde acts as storage for files and office knickknacks, utilizing common accessories like pencil holders, hanging paper sorters, and document trays that easily attach to the tool rail. The most unique feature of the Divyde allows our team to lock up and charge mobile devices with receptacles and USB ports that can be found in the body of the product.

Quickstand By Humanscale


Sit to stand in office applications has been gaining speed over the last few years and with so many keeping tabs on the health and productivity benefits, these products are here to stay. The great thing about Humanscale’s Quickstand is that it can turn any ordinary worksurface or benching system into a height adjustable desk. The product clamps to the worksurface and with wire management and data cabling, the user can easily go from a sitting position to standing in just seconds. In our own office, 15% of our workforce has adopted and is actively using the Quickstand, with several requests in the pipeline for others to get one at their desk. It’s been found that standing while working during the day isn’t just healthy for you, but also helps to improve your focus and energy – thus increasing your productivity.

 Kwikboost Charging Station


With the Divyde, we tackled the issue of charging our mobile devices at our desk – but what about our clients and guests that we have to our office? How can we help them remain “plugged in” while they are visiting us? Our answer was the awesomely-branded Kwikboost Charging Tower in our office reception area. With the charging wires needed for virtually every device on the market, the Kwikboost is an accessible and easy charging station that can be branded to show your logo. With charging capabilities that charge faster than a normal wall receptacle, our visitors and staff now have a perfect solution to quickly charge their devices’ low batteries