Last night, our team (pictured above) attended one of our favorite design industry events of the year – IIDA NY’s Sustainable Quilt Auction. Held at the Open Gallery in NOLITA, a crowd of over 125 participated in the celebration of sustainability and charity in the industry, bidding on quilts constructed from fabric scraps. The quilts, designed by teams compromised of architects, designers, and industry enthusiasts, were largely colorful, intricate and thoughtful in execution. Our team loved learning the inspiration behind each design, as well as the process each team took to get to completion.

In addition, proceeds from the quilt bids are going to Be Original Americas, a non-profit that aims to educated and influencing manufacturers, design professionals and related industry members on the importance of original and authentic design. Below are a few of our favorite designs:

Team AAAACELincoln’s “Abe”

This quilt was one of our favorites, and a clear standout. When standing closely, the colors and design were beautiful. However, as you stepped further back, the pixelated design revealed a portrait of 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln (bowtie and all!)



Team LMNOP’S “Nighthawks in Soft Relief”

What made this design stand out for us what the 3D end result – making it feel more like art than a quilt. With such precise detailing and stitching, it is almost hard to believe that there are scraps of fabric used to make this.



Team HLW/HBF’s “Will You Marry Me”

Not only was this a standout in color, the quilt also holds a special design message inspired by the Human Rights Campaign for marriage equality. The center of the quilt also features sheer panels, adding a unique and light touch to the quilt.


Not to be outdone, the rest of the quilts were amazing. Check them out below!


Which quilt was your favorite?