Wellness in the Workplace

Last week, at their headquarters in Holland, Michigan, Haworth hosted dealers from all over the country for a two day Wellness and Ergonomics Training. I was fortunate enough to attend and dive deeper into the meaning of both Wellness and Ergonomics, both of which are growing trends in the workplace. This first post will focus on Wellness. Wellness is a huge trend that is growing in the workplace and is becoming more and more prominent in everyday conversations about workplace design. For many people it’s all about balance; balance of career, financial, physical, community and social. When discussing wellness there are a few buzz words that come to mind: wellness, well-being, and WELL. Wellness is referring to the physical state of a worker, well-being refers to the physical and physiological state of a worker, and WELL is the standard itself. When thinking about improving wellness in the workplace there are two areas to look at: the […]