NeoCon Trend 3 – The New Workstations

It’s undeniable that over the past few years, workstations have dramatically evolved and changed in the furniture world. Whether it was the move towards smaller “bench” stations or the introduction and later explosion of height adjustable desks, the way that the commercial interiors industry has approached the way we work. At this year’s NeoCon Showcase, this idea of the ever-changing workstation was as present as ever. Standing Height Surfaces It’s no secret that height adjustable desks have been having a “moment” for the past few years. That in itself wasn’t necessarily a trend this year, but rather the prominence of fixed worksurfaces that were at standing height. These standing height stations allow people to perch while working, and offer a way for users to change their postures. Haworth had several great examples of this throughout their space – from their “Immerse” standing height conference table (below left) to their new “Sidecar” standing height workstation (below center), both […]